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Serious Pimp has recently signed licensing agreements with popular television personality The Situation™ and its sunglasses and clothing are worn by entertainers and MMA fighters such as Snoop Dogg, Tha Dogg Pound, the Bishop Don Juan, Kimo Leopoldo and Jake Shields. The game features MMA fighters Jake Shields and Jeff Monson wearing Serious Pimp gear, including Munson wearing Serious Pimp shorts on the front cover of the game’s packaging. The OG BANDANA™ sunglasses were introduced in 2001 and are among Snoop Dogg’s favorites: the iconic celebrity is often seen wearing them in music videos and public appearances. Or if they were wearing corduroy pants? Champion sweatpants were the best, red bandana durag but all that really mattered was whether you rolled up one pants leg like LL or not. We also have cheap durags for those who would like to discover us at a lower cost. Fitted hats didn’t have to be Starter of New Era (it helped) they just had to be worn properly. Surprisingly, Steven Seagal, John Travolta, Hulk Hogan the wrestler, and Sacha Baron Kohen have also won a do-rag, so it’s not only popular with African Americans. We also have many interesting products that you might like to see from our similar sections of boy hat summer, durag men, durag satin, bucket hat children the boy, boy cap summer, children panama, bucket hat for boy, 3m 6800 mask, bandana durag, beach children, durag silk, a4 clear folder, and many more.

It is especially important because as the company and its products become more popular worldwide, there are also attempts to make and market unauthorized copies of our original and unique products, apparel lines and proprietary designs,” said Damian Kutzner. Of course, there were also missteps. Since its inception in 1999, Serious Pimp® has been a supporter of extreme sports such as mixed martial arts, including sponsoring a long list of fighters. Serious Pimp® was founded in 1999 by serial entrepreneur Damian Kutzner in partnership with celebrity entertainer Snoop Dogg and Bishop Don Magic Juan to embody the hip hop and mixed martial arts lifestyles in apparel, accessories and lifestyle products, including hats, t-shirts and sunglasses. “These protections and our recent aggressive legal action defending our OG BANDANA™ sunglasses are intended to clearly demonstrate that we will act immediately and forcefully to protect our brand, our reputation and our copyrights from anyone who perpetrates unlicensed uses of our products in any market,” said Damian Kutzner. The lawsuit alleges the defendants sold the infringing sunglasses at a devalued price point almost ten times less than the retail price of Serious Pimp’s OG BANDANA™ sunglasses. Serious Pimp, Inc. recently took aggressive legal action to protect its copyrights, trademarks and other valuable intellectual property by filing a lawsuit in federal court against an individual and other related companies (some of which Serious Pimp® alleges to be fictitious) that allegedly stole proprietary designs and marketed unlicensed copies of the company’s popular OG BANDANA™ sunglasses.

Continuing the company’s campaign to strengthen its worldwide brand and protect its unique apparel designs and popular products from unlicensed use, Serious Pimp, Inc. has been granted a design patent for its popular OG BANDANA™ sunglasses, it was announced today by Damian Kutzner, CEO of Serious Pimp®. Serious Pimp® designs sunglasses, accessories, and clothing that blend Hip Hop style with MMA attitude. Hers, throughout the video, is concealed beneath a black shayla, which is topped with a printed silk scarf tied at the back of her head, in the style of a durag. The coolness of the style depended on the person rocking it. So things like overalls became popular for a while, and it didn’t matter what brand they were, it just mattered whether you were rocking one strap or two and what was on underneath. So all in all, it sounds like “Durag Activity” is a hit. Immediately popular with dozens of music, sports and entertainment celebrities, Serious Pimp products are worn, featured and seen in hit music videos, commercials, and in televised and live music, sports and cultural events. It is the same during sports sessions where it also plays a major role: the maintenance of long hairstyles to increase comfort during training.

The registration of the new copyrights follows the company’s trademark agreement for use of Serious Pimp® logos and apparel on the fighter characters in EA SPORTS MMA, the popular video game released last year by Electronic Arts. Note to 13 year old self: not that cool. Would Adidas have looked so cool if Run DMC tied their laces like most people? Since 2006, half of the members have been elected by UAE citizens to serve four-year terms and the other half are appointed by the Ruler’s Courts of the seven emirates. If Run DMC was making electro synth dance music like Dre’s World Class Wrecking Crew, that would have definitely affected people’s perception of their fashion. You can hear the ‘s’ sound and when you say it in a korean accent u would say it like “seuwag” and someone from the 7 spoke at the same time w/ Mark so now people are saying that he said “durag”. Only a few people could pull them off, though. Another thing only a few could pull off was Big Daddy Kane’s lines in the eyebrow.