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All items, unless otherwise stated, are new with manufacturer’s warranty (if any warranty-this will be stated in item description). Make sure the durag tie dyeyou are considering is backed by a good manufacturer’s warranty. After return period please refer to manufacturer’s warranty (if any).COMBINED SHIPPINGYes, I do offer a combined shipping discount. Durags offer compression, which forces the hair to lay flat against your head, and prevents frizz. So you only have to Pay US $3.56 for Hip-hop Camouflage Print Men Silky Durags Bandana Turban Wrap Hat Women Headwear Headband Mujer Hair Accessories Free Shipping product. We also have many amazing products that you might like to see from our similar sections of durag men, headband man, bag brand, for patchwork, fasion designer durags, band hair, headband women, satin turban, hairband women, floral satin bandana, silk turban, men durags, and many more. “This durag is meant to be a kind of luxury, and our goal, as always, is even more accessibility and ubiquity… For more originality, you can try the two-tone du-rag. It has been seen at 50Cent and several other rappers such as Nelly, Eminen and Jay Z. Among women, it is celebrities such as Solange Knowles, Killie Jeener and Janaelle Monae who propel du-rag for women to the forefront of the scene.

Cheap Hip-hop Camouflage Print Men Silky Durags Bandana Turban Wrap Hat Women Headwear Headband Mujer Hair Accessories Free Shipping Wholesale. Ladies Long Sleeve Polka Dot Loose Blouse Pullover Button Shirt Tunic Tops Mounter Women Blouse Tops. Click the button below to see some of our recent projects. New York-based Telfar, as lead by Telfar Clemens, has announced plans for a collection of durags, outfitted with the paisley you’d typically see on a bandana and the recently beloved TC logo in the middle. Asking because I tie my hair up and back in a bandana when working in the heat and I don’t want to get dragged for covering it Idk what the difference is except the tie in the back is shaped a lil different? After moisturizing, tie a do-rag to trap the moisture content. Indeed, the Durag protects your hair against the bad weather and the sun, but it also keeps the moisture of your hair which is flattened so that they keep longer its silky texture. British designer Kayleigh Benoit first came across the convergence of the two styles on photographer Amran Abdi, who wore a Louis Vuitton monogram-print red durag over her black hijab.

The two ties are long enough to wrap around your head 2-3 times and comes with a flap in the back as well. Run your hand over the straps around your head to feel for any bumps to straighten up. Long Tail Wide Straps Easy to be double wrapped for 360, 540, bandana durag 720 waves and not hurt when you tie and has good compression. Will you need to store your durag tie dye? Draw all the attention to yourself with this Camo Durag. Also, give some consideration to the type of climate in which your durag tie dye will be stored. Also, you may experience delivery delays or experience longer shipping times due to customs-related delays.I am a USA seller selling Products made for use in the USA & CANADA-unless otherwise stated in ad description ALL items are set up for USA/Canada 110 volt and would need some type of voltage transformer and/or plug adapter (generally available at any electronics store) to work properly outside of USA/Canada. Think about where you will use your durag tie dye in order to determine the best size. Continue reading for advice on how to tie your durag to sleep in it or how to use a bandana as a durag.

Do you need a large durag tie dyeor a small one? Consider where and how you will be using your durag tie dye to determine if one material would be better than another. Hold the durag in your hands and tie the tails together, using a double knot.2. With the headband flat along the edge of the durag, untwist the tails to straighten them. We propose a guide to know how to make waves with a durag, we offer everything you need to make them, wave brush, durag and even tutorials to help you in the realization of beautiful 360 waves. The 8-inch extra strong ties allow you to custom fit to your size.A “Doo rag”(also known as a HEAD WRAP, SKULL CAP, SKULLCAP, FITTED Bandana or Bandanna, DU RAG, DO RAG, DOORAG, DORAG, DURAG, DOO RAGS, DU RAGS, DO RAGS, DORAGS, DORAGS, DURAGS) is actually a fitted bandana, made to fit on your head, with ties on back to adjust for different head sizes and a secure, easy fit.great for almost anyone- construction workers, bad hair days, cancer or chemo treatment patients, under helmets for cyclists, bikers, beach wear, at the gym etc. Excellent for rides on your bike or chopper or just wearing around town.